Alexander Därr
A fantastic legend for organ, 10 P.

From the preface:
"At the end of its centuries-long life, the phoenix builds a nest of noble, fragrant woods and herbs on a remote mountaintop and finally burns itself in this nest in a fire until its body is reduced to ashes.
Three days later, at sunrise, a new, young phoenix rises from the ashes - an incarnation of itself. Thus, this wondrous being creates itself over and over again. Great gentleness and goodness characterize the phoenix."

Alexander Därr transposed the legend of the phoenix, considered the king of birds, as program music for organ, queen of instruments. Thereby not only decay and becoming are made audible, but also the elements fire, earth and air are symbolized musically.

If performed during a concert, Alexander Därr's Lobgesang is suitable directly after. This hymn for organ takes up musical elements from "Phoenix" and sets a triumphant conclusion.

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